Bodytonic unveils Phibsborough record store in collaboration with Absys Records 

The recent National Record Store Day saw the launch of Racket, a new collaborative shop located at Cross Guns bridge near Phibsboro, in the basement of the Bernard Shaw pub.

The shop is a joint effort executed by Bodytonic, a Phibsborough based music and event amalgamation, and another local record shop, Absys Records, previously located in Temple Bar, and has filled a hole in the north side of the city for record and music stores. 

“In January this year, when we closed the Temple Bar location, there was an idea to bring the shop up here to Richmond,” Absys Records owner Pawel ‘Sho’ Szoka told The Liberty. 

“From that moment we were easy going, we aimed for the record store day on the 20th of April to just open with a pop-up record shop and see where we can go,” Szoka added.

The shop doesn’t focus entirely on its vinyl collection; however, it also stocks a wide range of magazines, clothing and custom rugs, as well as occasional DJ takeovers providing a playlist while you shop. 

Many of these additional products reference the UK underground music scene with UK Garage and similar genres being a recurring theme in space. 

In the times of music streaming and online purchases, the shop has expanded its use by offering an immersive experience every weekend, from music and drinks to record release parties. 

“It doesn’t have to always be a big party but something with that kind of easy vibe which suits the shop then definitely. It brings more people who enjoy that kind of thing,” Szoka said. 

Szoka, who also runs his own independent shop and studio in Drumcondra, says he is pleased with how the vision has grown from just a store into an expanding community of musicians and DJs. 

“Because of the studio and the record shop, I’ve met so many people you know I wouldn’t have expected it. Almost all of these people have come to me naturally because of what I offer and the people around it.”

Bodytonic has been promient in the music scene in Dublin in recent years, helping to bring international acts and music from all around the world to the capital.

The shop is open every weekend (Thursday – Sunday) from 12 pm until 6 pm with drinks available also. 

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