Drug drones increase dropping into Mountjoy Prison

There has been a reported increase in drone activity around Mountjoy Prison in Phibsborough, and these drones have allegedly been dropping drugs to prisoners on the inside. 

According to Irish Mirror, drugs are getting into one of Ireland’s biggest prisons after a protective net above the ground to stop the drones was destroyed. 

“It used to happen all the time, you had lads throwing them over the walls into the yard, but the net just use to catch them,” said a Mountjoy Prison officer who spoke to The Liberty and asked to remain anonymous.

The net, however, has recently been hampered by recent bad weather in March, and its condition has since deteriorated. 

The damaged protective net to stop items from entering the jail from people outside has not been repaired in months. This has caused major concerns for the prison, as contraband material is continuing to enter daily. 

“You can hear the drones when you’re out in the yard and the prisoners are waiting in the drop zones like kids in a sweet shop,” said the Mountjoy Prison officer.

Bosses in the prison have been understood to have been trying to get the net fixed, however, it has been over a month now and the net has still not been replaced. 

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