Dublin Simon Community plans to finish Ushers Island redevelopment by June

You may have noticed the current building works right across from the Rory O’Moore bridge on Dublin’s Ushers Island and brushed it off as the usual construction that seems to be endless across the city.

But the development is of huge importance to combatting unsafe drug use and homelessness in the area. 

Just on the southside of Dublin is the Dublin Simon Community’s rehabilitation centre, which is undergoing the process of a major redevelopment which will be crucial to the ongoing fight against homelessness in the city.

While not in partnership with, they are in extremely close proximity to the Mendicity Institute who also provide care to the homeless of the area.  

The current project for the Dublin Simon Community on Ushers Island is to provide “an additional 49 intermediate care beds, addiction treatment, stabilization and recovery beds”, Simon said. 

“The construction will be completed by the second quarter of 2024,” a spokesperson for the Dublin Simon Community told The Liberty. “The facility aims to support homeless adults to transition out of homelessness by providing a low threshold short-term alcohol and benzodiazepine detox, addiction recovery and aftercare.

“The facility will be the first of its kind in Ireland and in Europe […] over 800 clients will go through the 100-bed facility per year. In terms of numbers, we are doubling our provision [for adults who find themselves homeless]. 

“Given that the number of homeless adults in Dublin is ever increasing, there is no better time to provide the type of services we have at Ushers Island.”

See Simon’s website for more information.

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