A pub packed with history: John Fallon’s

Situated in the heart of The Liberties, John Fallon’s, aka the Capstan Bar, is one of the oldest pubs in Dublin. 

Turning 405 years old this year, Fallon’s pub has existed in some shape or form since 1619, and has witnessed centuries of stories, people, and an all-round great time. 

Stepping into Fallon’s pub is like stepping into a time machine, back to timeless oak flooring and walls drenched with character and personality. A true experience of an old Irish pub. 

As the area it finds itself in may have adapted, Fallon’s pub retains its rough ‘n’ ready nature, making it a social hotspot for locals and tourists. The pub is small and cosy, with no music and two televisions that are rarely turned on.  

Upon entry you will find a ‘Peaky Blinders-esque’ snug, where you can get a sense of privacy while still having access to the bar. 

Bartender Amy had much to say about the appeal of the establishment. “I love to work here. I love the community and the regulars, and we have a great relationship with our customers,” she says. “It’s very small so you can only fit a certain amount of people so it’s never too crowded.” 

Fallon’s pub had been through its share of difficulties, having burned down in 1910. The burn marks are still visible on the brick work. 

“We get a very mixed clientele so it’s not just an old man’s pub… we get a lot of students from NCAD and BIMM and a lot of tourists also,” Amy says. 

“A lot of tourists come here because they have heard of us from near and far, and it’s just a nice, relaxed place to be.”  

“I come in during the day because it’s nice and peaceful. You can mix with everyone and it’s nice to speak with the tourists,” says local man Gary. “All the regulars got to know one another over the years, it’s a nice little community and the staff are very friendly.”

Opening from 12pm every day, Fallon’s sells food as well as drinks, serving homemade soup and toasted sandwiches. Their drinks menu caters to all customers, having 14 different beers on draught as well as an array of red and white wines. 

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