Renovation of Dublin’s iconic fruit & veg markets progresses 

The markets closed in 2019 to facilitate renovations.

Dublin City Council has announced it will soon be issuing a construction tender for the renovation of the iconic Victorian-era fruit and vegetable markets on St. Mary’s Lane. 

Planning permission for the project was granted back in 2014 with Dublin City Council later taking possession of the site. 

The markets then closed in August of 2019 to facilitate the planned redevelopment’s that have suffered from long delays. 

Following the allocation of the construction tender, it is hoped that the renovation work will take about two years to complete. 

The revamped space will feature a diverse selection of markets and food stalls as well as restaurants to ensure it stays open well into the evening. 

Future vendors will be consulted on their needs for their units during the fit-out phase of construction. It is also planned to retain the wholesale market in part of the building. 

On top of the market redevelopment, previously announced plans to pedestrianise the area around Capel Street are on the agenda. 

The area was once a thriving market for many years but has seen many changes in recent times. Dereliction and illegal dumping have plagued the streets around the market. 

These plans also coincide with similar plans to revitalise the iconic Iveagh Markets, which have been in a state of dereliction for many years due to ownership disputes. 

Despite the many delays the Victorian Markets have faced, with planning and COVID-19 to name but a few, their redevelopment is good to see for the area. Markets everywhere suffered greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic both locally and internationally. 

The iconic red brick design, a famous feature of Victorian architecture, and the scale of the site make it a prime space to develop. 

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