Concerns about security on the Luas 

The Luas has been plagued with anti-social behaviour for a long time both on the red and green line, but the question is, how is the Luas security handling this issue?    

The Luas has been running since 2004 and was a large-scale public transport project.

Transdev is the name of the company that employs Luas drivers and security personnel. Luas security has been under some scrutiny in recent years. Many stories have been reported, and incidences have been video-recorded of people, including children, being attacked by the Luas security.  

The Irish Mirror reported an isolated incident of a Luas security guard demanding €40 cash from a passenger as they did not ‘tag on’ to the Luas.

The Luas security guards job is to “to provide a safe and friendly travelling environment protecting passengers and colleagues” according to Transdev.

The Liberty asked a passenger on the Luas, Alex Menton, about safety. “Safe? That is definitely not the word I would use – I’d say the opposite actually. I have to be constantly vigilant in case someone decides that my phone would be better off in their pocket rather than mine. So no, I do not feel safe on the Luas.”

The Irish Times has reported continuing high numbers of reports of anti-social behaviour.

One issue with the Luas is that it is so accessible to everyone and very easy to get away with not paying on. Users on the social media platforms ‘X’ and ‘Reddit’ have made their stories heard and it seems like there are many incidences of both random people causing trouble and Luas security taking advantage of their position of ‘power’.  

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