TUD Orchestra open Beethoven concert to the public

On Friday, April 19th, the TUD Symphony Orchestra is hosting a concert that is open to the public. 

The orchestra will play two pieces, both by the famous Ludwig van Beethoven. The first of the two being Coriolan Overture Op. 62. The piece was written by Beethoven for Heinrich Joseph von Collin’s tragedy “Coriolan.” The piece follows a Roman general (Coriolan), who grapples with “his loyalties and allegiances,” according to LVBEETHOVEN.

This piece will be conducted not by the usual David Brophy, but his MMus (Master of Music) student (some would call his protégé), Sam Dunne. When talking to Brophy he said, “The overture to Coriolanus is a piece that I thought would be good for […] Sam, to learn […] because there’s technical things in that that he should learn that he was good for. It is also a great piece.” 

The second piece the orchestra will be taking on is Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. This piece will be conducted by Brophy himself. It is a real challenge for the orchestra as they will perform the full Symphony which takes about 40 minutes to perform. Each of the students will walk off the stage exhausted from the effort they put into playing the epic symphony. 

David Brophy conducted the same Symphony with the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) just very recently. When asked what the difference in conducting professional musicians and students in the same piece, Brophy had a very simple answer, “On one level, there are no differences, because it’s still the same piece of music.” 

He added after that, there were also many differences, the main being the different standards in the TUD Orchestra. In a professional orchestra, all the players tend to be on the same level, that cannot be said for an amateur one.  

“Maybe I compromise a little bit on the speed at which we do things at, because the NSO can go, like, really fast […] and maybe some of the people in TUD can’t. So, I probably have to be a bit more flexible, I suppose, but at the same time still pushing and driving for something that sounds great.” he said. 

The orchestra hopes to wow the audience in their performance this coming Friday.  

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