The Liberty Market

The Liberty Market is one of Dublin city’s oldest markets, opening its doors up all the way back in 1973. 

Located in the Liberties on Meath Street, the Liberty Market has history culture and a legacy in the area. 

The Market is unfortunately only open three days a week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, opening at 10am each morning and closing at 4pm on Thursday and Friday and 5pm Saturday. 

The Market is a place your Nanny would love, is the best way I could describe it. The owners seem friendly and really love doing what they’re doing; the Liberty Market is its own little community. 

Most people I got to chat with or saw on the Liberty Markets social medias, say that they’ve been going to the Market since they were kids with their families and now, they bring their kids with them. It’s a revolving door of family business for all the merchants of the market. 

“I remember coming here when I was only small with me ma and I haven’t been back frequently recently, you know, like I used to be here as a child. But it’s still lovely and it’s great to just walk around and have a little nose at all the stalls,” said shopper Theresa Baron. 

There’s a variety of shops in the Market from vintage clothes to sweets, with one of the most interesting shops being Whopper Gadgets. Whopper Gadgets seems like it might sell items you might deem as clutter around your house, but the variety in this stall is unmatched. 

A short list of things you can purchase at Whopper Gadgets include metal signs for your mancave, an old school single blade shaver, gun mugs, watches, earphones, sunglasses and even security cameras. 

Avila Vintage is another intriguing stall for sports fans, stocking vintage clothes including sports apparel, like NHL, NFL and MLB jerseys and classic Dublin jerseys. 

Although the Market is old-school, it is trying to catch up with the times and generate more business through social media, and it might be working as its through their TikTok in which theyve garnered nearly 3 thousand followers and post very regularly.

Instagram, X (Twitter), Facebook and TikTok are all in use by the market.  

At the heart of it all the Liberty Market although comprised of loads of small businesses, is a place for the locals and especially the older generation to go and have a chat. A small community with a big heart, that is also happy to welcome new faces. 

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