CSO’s crime release reveals Dublin had a large increase in robbery related crimes

The latest CSO figures for crime in Q3 of 2023 make for grim reading of the Dublin area.

Figures released on the 25th of March show that Dublin had a substantial increase in robbery and extortion crimes, as well as theft offences, weapons, and explosives crimes. 

The Dublin metropolitan area saw a leap of 21% increase in crimes relating to robbery, extortion, and hijacking charges.

These offences also include charges of blackmail. Although this rise is significant, it is the lowest increase of all 4 regions of Ireland covered in the recent CSO release, with North-Western Ireland having a 44% increase. 

As well as robbery, ‘theft and related offences’ jumped up 8%. Theft and related offences cover petty theft and possession of stolen goods, whereas ‘robbery’ relates to robbery of an establishment or cash of goods in transit.

‘Weapons and explosives offences’ further increased by 4%. 

‘Homicide & related offences’ saw a significant decrease of 23% nationwide, although figures for the Dublin region alone are unavailable.  

Statistician for the Crime and Criminal Justice Section, Jim Dalton, commented on the figures, “Recorded crime incidents of Robbery, Extortion & Hijacking offences were up by 26% or by 531 to 2,601 incidents between 2022 and 2023. Most of this increase was accounted for by Blackmail or Extortion and Robbery from the Person offences.” 

On top of this, ‘sexual offences’ fell by 11% in the Dublin area, the second worst percentage fall of the 4 recorded areas.

‘Public order’ crimes and ‘offences against government and justice procedures’ also saw a fall in offences, with a 9% and 2% decrease, respectively. 

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