Kevins GAA club: the village in the city

The Liberties is a huge, dense area, where young people are extremely limited in access to sports facilities.

But one of the area’s biggest clubs, Kevins GAA, has teams for kids ranging from nursery age, right up to adult hurling and camogie.

Kevins have been an integral part of their community since its founding in Dublin’s south inner city in 1902. The club primarily focuses on hurling and camogie, but also has activities such as walking clubs, social hurling, and rounders.

“GAA, soccer, rugby and boxing clubs (need) to come together to give kids and teens a chance to be part of something as opposed to being hand picked and dragged into the world of violence, drugs etc,” says JJ O’Mahony, a member of Kevins and chair of the Sporting Liberties alliance.

O’Mahony says Kevins gives “kids from all economic groups a chance to excel in something and become disciplined in the best way possible”. O’Mahony describes the club as “the village in the city”.