Local Libertine Market Crawl has ‘Celtic Fleadh’ theme

Taking place on the first Sunday of every month, the Libertine Market Crawl is a combination of a flea market and a pub crawl. 

Hosted by four Liberties pubs, the free-entry event has been a local favourite since its first outing last May. 

The participating pubs are Arthur’s Blues & Jazz Club, Love Tempo, Dudley’s Bar & Lounge and Lucky’s, located on Thomas and Meath streets in the heart of The Liberties. 

The Market Crawl is a host to 50 stalls, showcasing live music, tarot cards, tattoos, self-portraits and face-painting throughout the day. 

The Market Crawl on Sunday March 3rd has a theme of ‘Celtic Fleadh’, showcasing traditional music as well as Celtic-inspired artwork and drawings. 

The Market Crawl is run by business owner and freelance creative, Léna Seale. 

After running a successful Christmas market, Seale was asked to create something that would bring more people into the area. 

Starting in Arthur’s, Seale and her colleagues collaborated with other pubs and from there, the Libertine Market Crawl was born.  

“It’s basically a self-directed flea market pub crawl spread across four pubs where you can browse at your own pace or take any route that suits you depending on what area you’re coming from,” Seale said. 

Each pub has a different layout and set of stalls. 

“In Dudley’s, you’ll find two floors of stalls, with tarot readers and food; in Love Temple, you have a large floor of stalls with tattoo artists; in Lucky’s we have a pizza truck as well as another floor of stalls; and in Arthurs you’ll find two floors of stalls as well as live music upstairs from 2 to 4 pm,” Seale said.

The Market Crawl is open to new vendors, via an application process that can be found on the Market Crawl’s Instagram page (@libertinemarket).  

Seale explained: “We post a link to apply for the next market around one to three days after one is finished and it usually fills up within the day!”

Due to the market’s popularity, Seale is looking to expand by adding another pub to the crawl to allow for more vendor and visitor space. 

As befits a Sunday outing, the Libertine Market Crawl is family-friendly and pet-friendly. 

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