Jackie’s pub recalls Nineties and Naughties

Jackie’s Pub on Francis Street is attracting business with an original mix of nostalgia for decades past.  

The entrance of Jackie’s pub. Photo: Doireann Moroney

Jackie’s pub opened its doors just after the Covid-19 pandemic had started to settle in Ireland in 2021. There was a worry that it wouldn’t last long as pub closures skyrocketed in Ireland, but it has since proven to be popular both locals and tourists.  

Jackie’s claims to be the only pub in Ireland to be themed entirely around the 1990s-2000s period. It hosts memorabilia of the decade and sells itself as a hub for those miss the period. 

Bartender Patrick Cogan, said: “Jackie’s got its name from Jack Charlton, who won the World Cup in 1966 playing for the English team and then went on to manage the Republic of Ireland team in the 1980s and ’90s. There’s a photo in the pub with him and the Irish team meeting the pope.” There’s also a vibe of Quentin Tarantino’s 1997 film Jackie Brown about that logo.

Upon arrival into the pub, you’ll notice the walls are decorated with neon light MTV signs, the TV playing ‘Reelin’ in the Years’ on a constant loop and wall decorated head to toe with popular celebrities of the decade as well as arcade machines in the back with the classics arcade games, Donkey Kong, Star Wars and Street Fighters. 

Arcade machines in Jackie’s pub with popular 90s games. Photo: Doireann Moroney

The pub’s cocktail menu comes in an Aisling yellow copy, a very nostalgic sight for people – even more so as some primary schools used the copies as a form of punishment, writing your name into them to keep track of bold children. 

If you’re looking for a new pub quiz that there’s one here on Mondays, as well as a bottomless boozy brunch for €30 with their cocktails being themed around shows and cartoons popular at the time, like the Rugrats and Hey Arnold.  

Photo of their bottomless brunch promotions via Jackie’s Instagram page.

“Guinness is one of our bestselling pints, like most pubs. But for our cocktails, it would have to the Calpol themed one. There isn’t any Calpol in it. We’ve just done our best to recreate the taste,” Cogan said. 

Their Guinness price is relatively cheap, as a pint would cost you €5.50 compared to the prices of €6-6.20 in most pubs. Their cocktails are the usual standard price of €12-13. The Guinness was beautifully pulled and didn’t taste too strong of an irony taste. It certainly lives up to the normal Liberties hype of being a good pint. 

Customer Sally Murphy, sitting in the smoking area, said: “Like most places on the weekends, this pub becomes very crowded and busy. But for a pub which is as popular as it is, you would think they would have more seating than they do. The table could have been a bit cleaner. They were still sticky from a spilt pint. It took me and a mate ages to get the bartenders attention so we could clean it.” 

If you feel a bit peckish after having had a couple of pints, they also have a food menu where they serve the classic pizzas, like cheese and pepperoni and veggie. If you’re feeling adventurous, they also have a spicy pizza called Lucifer.  

The pub is open seven days a week from 2pm to 11.30pm on Monday to Thursday with their weekend openings being 12 noon to 12.30am. For more information on Jackie’s, you can head over to their website and Instagram handle under the same name Jackie’s Pub Dublin.  

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