Samba spread: Brazilian culture grows in Dublin 

Without a doubt, Brazilian culture has been one of the most growing sub-cultures in Ireland for some time now, especially in Dublin city centre.  

Brazilian Independence Day mural, located on Ormand Quay Upper (Photo Taken by: Nathan Clarke)

From Brazilian restaurants to bars, it is clear that this new culture is being embraced in Ireland, but how did it get here? How is it developing?  

I spoke to Arthur Eugenio Silva Dantas, a 28-year-old man born in Brazil, who now lives in Dublin city, to find out about his story and opinions on the development of Brazilian culture in the city.  

Dantas told me that he “arrived in Ireland in October 2021”, with his girlfriend. 

“We decided to move because my girlfriend had to learn English due to her job,” he continued. 

He has noticed that while Brazilian culture is, of course, largely driven by Brazilian people, it increasingly offers something for everybody,

“I’ve noticed people from other countries showing interest in our culture, especially Irish people,” he continued.  

“I practice Jiu-Jitsu – 90% of the students in the gym are Irish. They are really cool guys and some of them know a few words in Portuguese!” 

Dantas told me about one of his favourite Brazilian places in the city is Fabi’s  restaurant, on Parnell Street, beside Cineworld.

Gaucho’s restaurant on Queen Street, Smithfield (Photo: Nathan Clarke)

Having learned a bit more about a Brazilian person’s perspective on moving to Ireland and the development of their culture in the city, I thought it best to explore some of these places myself.  

We can instantly see the connection between the city and Brazilian culture from the massive mural that is located on Ormand Quay Upper.  

The mural, which was revealed on September 7th 2022, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Brazilian Independence Day, is practically unmissable.  

The bright, vibrant colours of the mural speak volumes about Brazilian culture, but the fact there is even a mural in such a prominent area of the city shows in itself the connection between Brazilian people and Ireland.  

Then there are the restaurants.

At Fabi’s on Parnell Street, the restaurant serves many traditional Brazilian dishes such as feijoada, which is slow cooked pork. Brazilians love meat, but there are vegetarian options such as parmegiana de berinjela, which is a type of breaded aubergine.  

Another example of a Brazilian restaurant is Gaucho’s, near Smithfield, with the menu consisting of Brazilian inspired burgers and hot dogs. 

From going on its website, we can learn that the restaurant was founded by two friends, Dione and Felipe, who set it up in 2019 to introduce a Brazilian twist on foods for Irish and Brazilian people alike to enjoy! 

Brasileiro, a Brazilian food and drink shop on Capel Street (Photo: Nathan Clarke)

As well as restaurants, there are many shops in the city that solely sell Brazilian products.  

Two of these shops can be found on Capel Street, one called Real Brazil Foods and the other called Brasileiro.  

They both sell traditional Brazilian foods and drinks, none of which you would not be able to find in a regular Irish supermarket.  

I spoke to a woman named Ana Souza, 30, who was shopping in Real Brazil Foods who told me a lot about the benefits of having these types of shops.  

“I love making Brazilian food at home so these shops allow me to get the right ingredients,” she said. “I like showing my Irish friends the foods of Brazil!” 

“I moved here not so long ago, so having places like this make me feel a bit more at home.”

Real Brazil Foods, another example of a Brazilian shop on Capel Street (Photo: Nathan Clarke)

According to a study conducted by the Brazilian Embassy in Ireland in late 2023, there are about 70,000 Brazilian residents in Ireland, with the majority of them living in Dublin.  

This is a number that keeps on growing and the positive effects on the city it has had is clear to see, with there now being a significant number of successful Brazilian businesses all over the city, for every nationality to enjoy.  

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