The Liberties Best Tattoo Shop

Dublin City has many tattoo studios, including the Dublin 8 area, which has some fantastic studios.  

Liberty Ink, studio ex, and Sphynx Tattoo, to name a few, but one studio that stands out is the Brotherhood Studio. 

The Brotherhood Studio is at 88 Thomas Street Dublin and is very accessible by public transport from anywhere in and around the city centre. 

A tattoo studio that also offers the services of piercings and barbers in the shop as well, similar to the biggest tattoo studio in Ireland, The Ink Factory, the Brotherhood Studio doesn’t want to fall behind.  

Online reviews rave about how good the Brotherhood Studio’s atmosphere, vibes and service is, the studio is very responsive and grateful which is apparent by how many reviews have responses from the shop. 

My own experience with the Brotherhood Studio is from May 2023. This was when I entered a competition to win a free tattoo. My experience in total was positive. Although I didn’t win the competition, Oisin from the studio did contact me through a text message to thank me for entering and offered me a 20% discount on my next tattoo.

A more recent personal experience I had at the Brotherhood Studio was when I went to take photos for this article and everyone I spoke too from the barbers and artists to the manager were very nice – even the customer whose haircut I interrupted was very helpful.

The studio has a smaller size team of artists than I’ve seen in other tattoo studios I’ve been to, so a concern of mine might be that you would be waiting a while to get the artist you need to get your tattoo in the style you want as they only have four main featured artists and you’d have to wait for a time when that artist is free. If they had a bigger team, they might have some more artists with overlapping styles which would leave more booking space for people.

I don’t see this as a real problem although, because I’d recommend you do your research and find the perfect artist for you and wait whatever time you need to wait to get your piece done.

If you are in the market for a tattoo, the shop takes walk-ins but I do recommend making an appointment if you ever get tattooed anywhere.

The Brotherhood Studio can be contacted through its Instagram or by email or just call in the old-fashioned way using 083 139 8859.  Another way to get an appointment is by sliding into an artist’s DM’s. The main artist featured by the Brotherhood Studio is Charles

A tattoo is a lifelong unreversible piece of art on your body forever, and if you want to get one and are in the Liberties area, The Brotherhood Studio is waiting for you.

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