Rooted in sustainability: Noms in Phibsboro

Since opening in 2018, located on the North Circular Road, Noms offers a wide range of organic and natural foods and products to the public.

The health store also features most products being available as refills. This includes dry ingredients, fruits, vegetables, and eco-friendly household items.

Inside of ‘Noms’ Photo Credits: Sandra Dudkiewicz

In an interview with The Liberty, owner Naomi Sheridan discussed how the inspiration for her sustainable haven came about. She shared that working for major multinational corporations was “not sitting right”.

Sheridan said she always had a keen interest in nutrition, an area of study she was also actively pursuing at the time, while also expressing her ambition to establish her own business, recognising that her entrepreneurial goals and her passion for nutrition went hand in hand.

Some products available in Noms. Photo Credits: Sandra Dudkiewicz

Apart from offering environmentally friendly initiatives, the company also actively supports small Irish businesses in the niche market.

From stocking Irish organic eggs from local farms to working with Irish brands such as Nobó, Big Red Kitchen Ireland and many more.

Products on Nom shelves. Photo Credits: Sandra Dudkiewicz

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the local community and where we can give back, we will,” she said.

Sheridan said owning a small business during the Covid 19 lockdown had its “ups and downs” but thanks to the continued support from locals and regulars she was able to further expand the store in 2021.

Eco Friendly household items. Photo Credits: Sandra Dudkiewicz

Beyond shelves lined with nourishing goods, Noms serves as a vibrant hub where quality meets community. Sourced with care and purpose to support not only personal well-being but also the thriving local community of Phibsborough. 

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