Hope For Homeless – a soup kitchen for everyone

In the heart of Dublin, there’s a place where people in unfortunate situations can find some comfort.

Right in the centre of the GPO (General Post Office), on O’Connell Street, the voluntary group ‘Hope For Homeless’ help those in need.

Whether people are homeless, or are in a tough financial situation, it doesn’t matter to Hope for Homeless, they are more than happy to help anybody in need.

Hope For Homeless has been around since 2013, operating in various areas around Dublin.

A weekly soup service operates every Monday at the GPO from 8 p.m. until the queue quietens, or the inventory runs out.

“When it comes to donations anyone can help, whatever you can give is enough, we aim to try help as many people as we can.”

They are largely supported by donations coming from the people of Dublin and elsewhere, all money they receive is used to buy equipment like containers and tables for the food.

“When it comes to donations, anyone can help,” Karen, a volunteer at Hope for Homeless, told The Liberty. “whatever you can give is enough – we aim to try help as many people as we can.”

The group serve a variety of foods and drinks that differs from week to week – tea, hot chocolate, water, sandwiches, pasta, rice and curry. They try to maintain favourites and go out of their way to make sure people with dietary requirements can eat the food by offering halal produce as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

Hope for Homeless is running a fundraising raffle to raise money for the annual dinner on December 18th..

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