Rat problem in Dublin City Council flat complexes

Increased sightings of rats in and around many council flat complexes in Dublin city are causing alarm, fear, and distress for many tenants.

Saint Audoen’s House council flats at Cook Street in the Liberties (Photo: Derek Price)

There have been many cases reported of rats seen in the daylight hours around the flats, and many tenants have had to use rat traps and poison, to kill the animals that had invaded their dwellings.

Many flat complexes in Dublin are close to rivers and canals, which are the main habitat and breeding ground for rats.

Stock image:

The rats are drawn to the complexes by household refuse, which contains discarded and rotting food, being left for collection in large open top bins, provided by Dublin City Council.

In some instances there are not enough bins provided, which leads to rubbish bags being left by tenants beside the council bins.

“I’m afraid to open my windows these days, in case a rat gets in,” said a tenant from St Audoen’s House, near Thomas Street. “The parents are terrified, cos their kids are getting frightened when the rats are running past close to them, and they’re huge.”

“Dublin City Council work closely with the HSE to exterminate rats from Dublin City Council dwellings and their surroundings,” a spokesperson for Dublin County Council said.

“It has so far been very successful, and we are going to continue to be very vigilant in this matter. We take this problem very seriously, and we will go out of our way, and do everything in our power, to ensure the health and safety of all of our tenants,” the spokesperson said.

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