Mundo Moo brings Liberties post-box to life and her name is Patsy

Graphic designer and artist Daniel Palhares Mooney, owner of illustrative brand Mundo Moo, has brought his creative mind to a street in the Liberties as he decorates one of the area’s An Post post-boxes.

The graphic designer teamed up with An Post as part of the Irish postal service’s ‘Send Love’ campaign – to decorate the Liberties post-box.

The graphic designer named the post-box, ‘Patsy the Postbox’ and is located on the corner of Gray Street and Pimlico Street.

Daniel Palhares Mooney with his creation, Patsy the Postbox. Photo: Mundo Moo

In an Instagram post announcing Patsy’s unveiling, Mundo Moo said, “Thank you @anpostofficial for inviting me to bring Patsy to life. STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED!”

In a reel post on Instagram with An Post and District Magazine, he spoke of what inspired Patsy and said, “Patsy’s character is kind of inspired by all the ladies that work in the post offices that I’ve had contact with.

“So I have this like, almost, a need to name inanimate objects and Patsy was one of them,” he also said in the post.

Being an independent creator, the illustrator relies on An Post for shipping his merchandise and uses Patsy for all of his customers’ orders.

Mundo Moo, in collaboration with An Post, created a filter effect on Instagram, which can bring Patsy to life when you scan the QR code on her through the social media app.

The Patsy the Postbox filter on Instagram in action. Video: @anpostofficial

The Liberty asked Daniel Palhares Mooney if there were plans for more collaborations with An Post, to which he replied, “Yes, as part of An Post’s ‘Send Love’ campaign, Patsy will be getting six new friends that you’ll be able to spot around the country, just in time for Christmas. 

“There will be more cute An Post workers like Patsy and a few Santa’s helpers,” he continued.

Mundo Moo sells merchandise with his graphic designs on his very own website, – the merchandise consisting of clothing, totes, stickers, keyrings, postcards, prints and calendars.

You can keep up with Daniel Palhares Mooney on Instagram here and you can also follow his illustrative brand Mundo Moo’s Instagram page by clicking here.

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