Smart D8 Showcase 2023

Smart D8, the part of Dublin 8 that’s all about making people healthier and happier, announced funding for four new test projects earlier this year.

These projects use innovative technologies to find solutions to help those with health problems. Right now, the first three of these test projects are up and running.

Smart D8 presented its work on October 26 as part of National Public Sector Transformation Week 2023.

The event provided a chance to see the collaboration of 12 organisations and to experience innovation through presentations and discussions by Smart D8 pilot representatives.

Currently, three of the Smart D8 pilots are up and running.


Conor Motyer is leading Brace, a community-based recovery app that is designed to help patients who are undergoing physical rehabilitation.

Brace will gamify the recovery process, track the patient’s exercise, and offer community support to help with both mental health and persistence during recovery.

Menopause and the City

Led by Dr. Louise Fitzgerald of Grafton Medical, this pilot is hoping to make a better educational community around menopause health for both individuals and the community.

Dr. Louise’s pilot project aims to address barriers to information access in menopause care.

It provides evidence-based resources for social prescribing and medical support, enabling a city-wide approach to menopause education through community workshops and open-source resources.

The pilot launched alongside a free menopause information event on October 16 in the Digital Hub.


Jamie McGann and Johann Issartel are both leading MoveAhead, a motion-tracking and movement analytics engine built specifically for children.

It features a large dataset on children’s movement skills, and offers the ability for other brands and studios to integrate movement, physical activity, and physical development into games, apps, and experiences for children and families.

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