Phibsboro Flea Market becomes a regular day out for D7 locals

Bohemia Flea Market was back in Phibsboro recently showcasing over 100 stalls of unique and vintage miscellaneous items and clothing.

Bohemia Flea Market in Phibsboro. Photo: Eric Cundelan

From 11am to 5pm on October 8, hundreds of locals gathered around indoor and outdoor stalls throughout the day in Kelly’s Yard beside Dalymount Park, Phibsboro.

Pizza and hot dog stands were serving fresh food all day as people browsed through endless stalls of bric-à-brac.

Archivist, author and DJ Brian McMahon, who runs the popular @BrandNewRetroIreland’s Instagram page, spun classic hits on his decks that were heard throughout the market.

Simultaneously, he sold a large collection of vintage vinyl from every era.

DJ Brian McMahon. Photo: Eric Cundelan

Stalls included an endless variety of antiques, curios, memorabilia, mid-century furniture, retro toys, vintage prints, vintage bicycles, vinyls, arts and crafts, handmade jewellery.

Stall merchandise in Bohemia Flea Market. Credit: Eric Cundelan

Also included was a massive selection of vintage and second-hand clothes, and shoes and accessories to stock up on for the festival season in 2024.

Jewellery stall in Bohemia Flea Market. Photo: Eric Cundelan

Jessica O’Leary is a local to Phibsboro and has attended the last four markets at Kelly’s Yard.

“It’s just such a nice day out. You go to it with no expectations of what to buy, and that’s what makes it fun,” she said. “I usually end up getting some vintage clothes, but I always come back with something cool and random that I didn’t expect to buy.”

Antique signs at Bohemia Flea Market. Photo: Eric Cundelan

When asked why people should attend the flea market, Jessica playfully responded with, “What else would you be at, hungover on a Sunday?”

“It keeps getting better every time I go, this weekend there was so many people. And you would need the whole day to see everything,” she continued.

Last weekend was the 17th Bohemia Flea Market, which is a monthly flea market that formerly took place in Stoneybatter.

The Flea Market is run by Cork based Le Zeit Geist Flea Market.

The next Bohemia Flea Market has already been announced for next month, November 12 at the same location.

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