There’s nothing scarier than fast fashion

A Halloween ‘Swap Shop’ will be taking place in the Liberties this weekend.  

Climate Ambassador will be hosting the Halloween themed Swap Shop on Sunday, October 22 from 1pm to 3pm, at 5A, Swifts Alley, just off Francis Street. 

Climate Ambassador’s poster for the Swap Shop. Photo: X (Twitter) / @Climate_ambass

A Swap Shop is a social place where people can bring items they don’t use and trade them for other things. 

This is Climate Ambassador’s “fifth swap shop in The Liberties,” said Gráinne Ryan, the Climate Action program manager. 

The Swap Shop was started by a group of Climate Ambassadors last year who were interested in fashion and wanted to do something to bring people together, while also avoiding the fast fashion industry.  

They have sold out all their previous events and won an Outstanding Achievement Award. 

The Outstanding Achievement Award won by Climate Ambassador. Photo: Climate Ambassador

“The Climate Ambassador Program is supported by the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications, so there is no cost to participants,” said Ryan.  

The Swap Shop is taking place to promote sustainability as “nothing is scarier than fast fashion,” Climate Ambassador tweeted. 

“Our whole team loves Halloween, most people buy a costume, wear it once and then forget about it, we want to bring back homemade costumes, upcycle materials and get creative,” said Ryan. 

If you’re looking for a new Halloween costume, come in and trade one of your old ones. All things are welcome at this swap shop including clothes, books, shoes, bags, Halloween decorations or props.

Climate Ambassador wants to bring back a slower pace lifestyle.

“If we think back to our great-grandparents – they didn’t waste anything. They knew how to compost food scraps, harvest rainwater, grow their own vegetables, fix a broken appliance or mend their clothes,” Ryan added. 

“Everthing was valued, life was perhaps slower and maybe they were more connected to the land and community around them. I think that sounds lovely,” Ryan continued. 

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