Electronic duo Overmono headline Vicar Street – Review

Electronic duo Overmono made their first Vicar Street appearance earlier this month, and we hope it won’t be the last. 

The British duo headlined the iconic Vicar Street on Friday, October 6, and the event quickly sold out, which was no surprise, following their outstanding performance at Electric Picnic in September. 

Overmono at Vicar Street. Photo: Molly Quinn

“The kind of gig I will still be raving on about until I see them again,” said Caoimhe Caldwell, after attending the gig.

While the brother duo each had their own music careers prior to Overmono, their collaborative work as a duo is exceptional.

They released their debut studio album, Good Lies, on May 12, 2023 and within weeks, the album had peaked at number 11 on the UK Albums Charts.

Smooth running live electronic sets can be hard to come by, as the electronic music scene is now mostly dominated by DJs. However, this is one of Overmono’s main attractions. They provide a perfect mix of different forms of electronic music. The most obvious influences come from Garage and Breakbeat.

Some of their set was more techno heavy, while others were melancholic and brought the audience to tears – such as their remix to Dubliner For Those I Love’s ‘I Have A Love’ track.

The atmosphere in the audience when David Balfe (For Those I Love) came on stage to join Overmono and perform this song was unforgettable.

Overmono at Vicar Street. Photo: Molly Quinn

While I was surprised Overmono were playing in Vicar Street, as opposed to other Dublin venues that would usually host electronic gigs (The Button Factory and Wigwam), Vicar Street couldn’t have been more perfect.

With a capacity of 1500, the Thomas Street venue is small enough to be intimate but not so small that you are overheating and on top of one another. 

“Everyone I looked at in the audience I knew was feeling the same as me, just blown away,” Caoimhe Caldwell said. “It’s funny how many friends we managed to make in such a loud setting, because it didn’t matter that we couldn’t hear each other, the common love for Overmono was enough to connect”.

For more information on the electronic duo, head over to their website here.

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