Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival 2023

Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival’s (DISFMF) 12th edition showcased and brought together Irish & International creatives in music and film.

DISFMF hosts welcome people to the festival. Photo: Facebook / DISFMF

The festival, now in its 12th consecutive year, creates networking and cultural links between talented filmmakers and musicians from around the world.

The festival uses Ireland as its multicultural hub.

The festival took place from October 6 to 8 across two popular venues.

87+ screenings were held in Cineworld Cinema on Parnell Street across the weekend, followed by an awards ceremony with live music in The Sugar Club on Sunday evening.

DISFMF 2023 had an extensive list of screenings from multiple genres that were shown across the weekend.

Genres included drama, comedy, animation, documentaries, horror, science fiction, music videos, narrative stories, and more.

The festival aims to create a forum to celebrate artistic expression through film and music.

“An outstanding festival. The quality of films screened were of such a high standard,” said Dublin-based director, actor, and producer Maureen O’Connell. “It was just great to be a small part of it. The festival staff and volunteers were so friendly, generous and extremely helpful. We will definitely go back to it next year.”

This year, there was 14 awards to be presented to the artists.

The 14 awards catagories were: Best International Short, Best Advertisement, Best LGBTQ, Best Music Video, Best Horror, Best Comedy, Best Animation, Best Sci-fi, Best Score/Music, Best Student Short, Best Irish Short, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Documentary.

Irish director Jason Branagan won Best Irish Short for his crime drama ‘Forever Hold Your Peace’.

Best International Short was won by the UK’s Rob Leggatt for his surreal dark comedy short ‘Meeting Mr Samuel’.

Beginning of Best International Short Winner. Photo: Facebook / DISFMF

Best Music video was ‘Algorithm Takedown’, an animated music video directed by Alex Budovsky from the US.

Blaithín Ward and Fintan McHugh won Best Actress and Best Actor.

Other winners came from a variety of other countries including Germany, France, Switzerland, and the US.

The festival had nominees from many countries around the world including Brazil, Taiwan, Romania, Sweden, Italy, Poland, China, and Zimbabwe.

The winners of each category were also awarded with a painting from Natalia Khystalevich – a Ukrainian Painter whose childhood passion for art re-ignited after Russia’s invasion last February.

She began mixed media painting, using acrylic and oil for her paintings.

Painting by Natalia Khystalevich. Photo: DISFMF Website

Natalia believes real creativity is found in children.

“An adult needs to learn how to be a child again,” she said. She wants her paintings to be “interconnected and imperfect”.

Painting by Natalia Khystalevich. Photo: DISFMF Website

The festival has been placed in the top five of 10,000 festivals due to its quality reviews on the popular discover website ‘Film Freeway’.

The Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival will take place again in October 2024.

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