Things to do this Halloween in Dublin

As Halloween is approaching quickly, here are a few events planned in October around the Dublin area that you can still squeeze in before the big night.

Perhaps if the spooky activities are too much, take a look at our recommended alternatives which will still have you embracing the season. 

Also, there are some said to be ‘haunted places’ just outside of the city centre you can visit yourself to give yourself a scare.  

Haunted House Market  

Location: Wigwam, 54 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1.

Wigwam along Abbey Street. Photo: Amy Murphy

When: Sunday, 15th of October 12:00-5:00pm  

For a more PG activity, try visiting this haunted market taking place in the popular drink spot, Wigwam. This will be a chance to pick up some last-minute bits ≥– whether it’s for your costume for Halloween night or decorating your house with creepy decorations. This is a family friendly activity to do for everyone, whether you’re a Halloween enthusiast or just looking for something to do this October.  

Tickets are not required for entry, so it is budget friendly.  

Hendrick Street  

Location: Hendrick Street, just west of Smithfield, Dublin 7. 

Old Hendrick Street, Photo Credit: X (Twitter) / Archidub1

Visiting this street is something for people interested in alleged haunted places (and also in the history of the location). Hendrick Street has a history of multiple deaths along the street, dating all the way back to 1841. It is said to be Dublin’s most haunted street – especially near the site where houses number 7 and 8 used to stand – home to six or so ghosts!  

Hendrik Street in 2023. Photo: Amy Murphy

Take a look for yourself and see if you can spot any of the ghosts.  

The Nightmare Realm

Location: Council Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Market, Mary’s Lane, Dublin 7.  

If you are brave enough, try visiting the popular Halloween event The Nightmare Realm. This is a truly terrifying experience, where the aim is to make it through multiple mazes being chased by different creatures. It is a great activity for a group of friends looking for a scare and hopefully, some laughs.  

“When they gave me my costume, I just knew this year was going to be extreme,”

said Hannah Whelan, a girl who works for The Nightmare Realm each year.  

Marshalsea Barracks 

Location: The Liberties, Dublin 8, on the quays opposite the Four Courts.  

This used to be a debtor prison up until 1874. The building was knocked down in the 1970s with some of the walls still existing. A man’s ghost is said to still be seen balancing on the wall which he tried escaping from but unfortunately lead to his death.  

The place is eerie and will certainly give you a scare if you are willing to visit.  

The Black Church  

Location: St Mary’s Church, Dublin 7.

This former church is said to be the home of the devil. It is currently being used as an office for Company Bureau, which would be interesting to work in a said to be haunted church.

Its original name, Saint Mary’s Chapel of Ease, is mentioned in James Joycee’s Ulysses. Legend says that if you walk three times anti-clockwise at midnight around the Black Church reciting the ‘Hail Mary’ you will see the devil.  

‘The Black Church’ in Dublin 7. Photo: X (Twitter) / Company_bureau

If they all seem too spine-chilling, there is also the option of doing a café crawl and deciding which pumpkin spiced latte is the best or carving a pumpkin, which will still put you in the autumnal mood without the nightmares!

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