Andy Warhol exhibit in Dublin

The Hugh Lane Gallery in Parnell Square, Dublin, has an exhibition dedicated to the works of Andy Warhol that started on October 6 and will run until January 28, 2024. The exhibition titled “Andy Warhol Three Times Over” consists of different pieces and artwork by the artist. 

Andy Warhol self-portrait display at the exhibition. Photo: Molly O’Reilly

It has taken the gallery five years to prepare for the exhibition, with entry free for children, €10 for students, €15 for adults and €6 for children aged 11-18.

The Liberty was curious to find out what the exhibition would consist of and if it would be worth the money needed for entry.  

The artist became one of America’s leading artists in 1948 when he moved to New York. However, it was during the 1960s when the artist received most of his recognition as he created his first pop paintings which were based on comics and ads. With his most notable style emerging in 1962, the ‘photograph silkscreen painting’. 

In addition to this, Warhol started to make portraits of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Elvis Presley. The want and attraction for Andy Warhol’s work to be highlighted has resulted in the exhibition hitting the streets of Dublin. However, with the extensive work and time it took to create the exhibit, it will be intriguing to see if it measures up to expectations.  

Upon arrival, the staff were accommodating and friendly at the exhibit, a wristband was distributed once they scanned the barcode from your ticket and you were allowed access to the exhibit.  

The entrance room you had to walk through before you entered the heart of the exhibit is an interactive version of Warhol’s pieces ‘Silver clouds’.

Silver Clouds at Hugh Lane Gallery. Photo Credit: Molly O’Reilly

Throughout the exhibit there is information on Warhol’s life and his various inspirations behind his work.  

The exhibition also contained famous work of Warhol such as portraits of the famous actor Marilyn Monroe and Chinese communist Mao Zedong.  

Portrait display of Chinese communist Mao Zedong. Photo: Molly O’Reilly

The exhibit keeps you engaged as the artwork is placed in a way that your attention cannot be lost.  

Information beside the artwork in regards to Warhol’s inspiration for the pieces allows exhibition visitors to connect with the artwork.  

Just when you would think the exhibition is over, there was a room filled with niche artwork from Warhol, video documentation from his life and work. 

The gallery also made it known that some of the work was borrowed from foreign collectors.

The exhibition also contains information on the relationship between Warhol and Ireland’s own Francis Bacon who was born on Baggot Street and whose London studio is famously re-created in the Hugh Lane.  

Andy Warhol quote at Hugh Lane Gallery. Photo: Molly O’Reilly

Overall, the exhibition is entertaining and mesmerising to see the legendary and famous artist’s work on show.

You do not need to be an art genius to appreciate this exhibit as it contains background information and is designed for all age groups.  

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