Disposable vapes set to be banned in Ireland

Disposable vapes are set to be banned in Ireland with the Minister for Health drafting a new vaping bill.  

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has said he is committed to solving issues around vaping. These issues are things such as the flavours of vapes and where they are advertised in shops.  

Fianna Fáil TD Paul McAuliffe, called for the total ban of single use vapes, which the health minister fully supports.  

“I say thank God,”

said Emma Mather a student in TU Dublin’s Grangegorman campus.

Emma Mather has estimated she spends nearly €2000 per year on vapes, “It will save me money and will encourage me to buy a reusable one, which is better for the environment,” Emma said. 

Inside a Hale Shop. Photo: Amy Murphy.

The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications released a consultation on vaping devices in June 2023. They gave out information surrounding what they are made from and how they are not easily recyclable.  

Ireland is now the third country to announce the plans to ban disposable vapes, after the UK and France.  

Electric Picnic which took place in early September, banned the use of single use vapes for the weekend, which caused uproar with attendees of the festival but seemed to do some good.  

There seems to be a positive change of opinion surrounding this news. 

“I went to vaping to quit smoking and use a reusable vape, I think this will stop people from socially vaping from the ease of single-use vapes,”

said student Abi O’Donnell.

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