BETA: Ireland’s first arts and technology festival coming to Dublin this November

The ‘BETA International Arts & Technology Festival’ will include performances, talks, workshops, and exhibitions in and around The Digital Hub campus on Thomas Street.

Photo: BETA Festival

BETA is Ireland’s first arts and technology festival, and will take place from Thursday, November 2 to Monday, November 5.

The festival will focus on current relevant technologies and the discussions around them.

One of the discussions includes crafting a captivating experience that combines the realms of artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, data rights, and sustainability.

This immersive journey aims to ignite critical thinking and encourage participation, via talks, and engaging exhibitions.

Renowned UK artist and quantum physicist Libby Heaney will be among the artists providing experiences at the event, with her piece, Evolution of Ent-: QX.

Ent is a 360-degree immersive installation taking quantum computing as both medium and subject matter.

Evolution of Ent-: QX – Photo: BETA Festival

The AI Ethics Studio is a dedicated space for visitors, researchers, and artists to gather and explore our relationship with AI using alternative and creative methods and interactions. 

Joining this is ‘The Potato Internet’, which is a small experimental social network created by Caroline Sinders and Trammell Hudson.

It’s like a mini version of the internet, where artists use potatoes for energy to build their own social media network.

They’ll work with Dublin 8 community gardens, using locally grown potatoes for their art exhibit.

The Potato Internet, an experimental social network created by Caroline Sinders and Trammell Hudson – Photo: BETA Festival

The event has plenty more exhibits and talks including:

  • The Ethics Studio:

A place for the public to discuss ethical concerns related to new technologies, in partnership with the ADAPT Research Centre.

  • Prompt Battle:

An exciting competition using text-to-image software by Sebastian Schmieg, Bernadette Geiger, and the Prompt Battle Team.

  • Dwelling:

An interactive performance that lets the audience explore other people’s lives through poetic worlds.


There will also be a keynote talk by nominated author of the 2023 Financial Times Best Business Book Rachel O’Dwyer – discussing Tokens.

All of the information can be found on

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