Unforgettable moments at the Lighthouse Cinema

The Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield is a special location in Dublin’s inner city.

Florence Pugh surrounded by fans on the red carpet. Photo: Mene Agbofodoh

It has garnered this status for all the right reasons – its beautiful architecture and interior design making it stand out from different cinemas across Dublin.

It is also the only cinema in the Dublin 7 and 8 area. The art-house-styled cinema shows both Irish films and international films – “films that might be considered more ‘commercial art house’ and films that crossover into mainstream cinema when we believe that the film or its talent (writer, director, cast) are of particular interest to our audience,” as the cinema’s own publicity puts it.

The Lighthouse is also one of the few cinemas in Ireland that actually show classic films and international films on a regular basis.

With the square outside and its attractive interior, the Lighthouse is suitable for hosting premieres of moviesm with the stars making an appearance.  

Recently Florence Pugh and her co-stars in ‘The Wonder’ came to the Smithfield cinema.

I had the honour of going to the premiere – well, I was in the crowd, but that was fine – as I still got to experience this wonderful moment.

The event itself was being set up throughout the day and it was around 5pm when people started gathering around the cinema.

At the time, it was just a rumour to the public that Pugh was making an appearance on the red carpet and it was the fire-lit torches that made it more believable that she was in fact going to be there.

What made the night even more unforgettable was the fact that it was just a random Wednesday that the event took place on.

The Lighthouse Cinema is located at Market Square in Smithfield, where some people live, so, they were able to watch the moment Florence Pugh and the cast arrived from their apartment balconies.

Those little moments were what made that night so unforgettable: just the fact that you could’ve passed by on a random night and stumbled across this event – getting the opportunity to see celebrities in Smithfield.

There were also camera crews present for the premiere, with the likes of RTÉ and Virgin Media represented. It was an interesting to see how fellow journalists get into character as they prepare to interview celebrities.

The Cast of ‘The Wonder’ at the Lighthouse. Photo: Mene Agbofodoh

Seeing Florence Pugh in real life was definitely an experience. It’s hard to explain but seeing one of your favourite actors on screen is one thing but seeing them in real life is a different kind of experience.

When she arrived, the crowd went absolutely wild and the screams were deafening with some people being lucky enough to get an autograph and picture.

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