The Liberties parking problem

The Liberties have a parking problem, and it’s only getting worse.

Outside the Coombe Hospital on Cork Street. Photo: Paul Lee

It’s no secret that town isn’t the best place to find parking, due to busy streets, crowded paths and a lack of public car parks.

“There just isn’t enough parking for everyone, and it’s leading to people parking in front of driveways or more dangerously on corners of the street,” says Jack O’Leary, aged 35.

“The whole area needs to be revamped and a traffic management plan put in place. The residents’ entrances are nearly permanently blocked,” he said.

Another area with a large parking problem is around the Coombe maternity hospital, which has a large issue with cars parking on paths and blocking people trying to get by.

“You can be sure if they were ticketed or clamped they’d all be moaning about how disgraceful it is, that they can’t visit the hospital without ‘the government’ taking money off them. They wont see what the harm is,” said James Fitzpatrick, aged 43.

Outside the Coombe hospital on Cork Street. Photo: Paul Lee

“It’s a growing problem that the guards are well aware of but are refusing to do anything about it.”

“A clamper’s field day and a garda’s penalty point monthly target. The big problem really is the lack of parking for the Coombe and private clinics,” said Lee Fitzpatrick, aged 37.

The problem is still ongoing with complaints about the area being around since 2021 with little done about it since.

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