JBs Student Campus on Navan Road to close

Since 2015, some buildings on the Navan Road have been accomodating over 110 students – but soon, that will be a thing of the past.

The campus consists of two main buildings, each with two wings that are marked with a different colored front door. Photo: Nynne Lehbert

The tenants of JBs Student Campus received an email on April 3 from the head of the Campus, that said the campus will close on May 31, because their contract has ended.

Stress for the students 

This gave the students of the residence just two months to find something else; which some students are finding to be a challenge.

“It is pretty hard. Me and my friend sent a lot of emails to landlords, but we never received any responses,” Antonio Cruel, 20, said. “I got to a point where I was thinking that it was impossible to find something in Dublin.”

Fortunately, Cruel found another student accommodation with one of his friends. There is just one problem. They cannot move in until September, so they are still looking for a place to stay over the summer.

Despite this, he is optimistic, and he chose to see the closure on the bright site:

“Now I get an opportunity to get to know Dublin better and to meet some new people,” he said.

Another student living on the campus is 25-year-old Bipin Kumar Manjunath Babu; he’s also feeling the stress.

“My first thought was ‘okay, I need to find a new accommodation right away, because I do not want to sleep on the street’,” he said. “I was stressed. I started to look at places the same day. I have sent a lot of emails.”

“As a student it is very expensive to live in Dublin. JBs Student Campus was the only campus I found affordable and with available rooms back in January when I moved here.”

Contract not extended

Eoin Chubb, one of the on-campus staff, acknowledged the challenge that students looking for accommodation are having to face.

“It is probably a stress for the students to find a place,” he said.

Chubb explained that the reason for the closure was due to problems getting the contract extended.

“We knew it could be an option since January,” he said. “We were hoping that we might be extended, but unfortunately it was not possible.”

The future plans for the now-idle buildings are unknown.

“I have no idea really,” Chubb said. “Sometimes the landlords just have different plans and stuff like that. We do not know anything about it.”

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