Cost of living crisis continues to hit local people

Rising food and electricity prices continue to be a major concern, especially for older residents living in Dublin 7.

Prussia Street Shopping Centre – Credit: Jason Quigley

Locals have expressed anger and apprehension with the ongoing cost of living crisis.

At a lengthy queue outside Prussia Street Post Office, food inflation dominated the list of concerns indicated by local residents.

Prussia Street Post Office – Credit: Jason Quigley

Elaine O’Mara, 62, from Phibsboro, stated that the price of food in the “cheaper” supermarkets has jumped dramatically over the course of the year.

“I’m barely getting by with my food shopping bill every week. The price of bread, milk and meat is just ridiculous and unaffordable,” O’Mara said. “The cost of living seems to be not a concern to some people anymore – especially the government who have done nothing to cap the price of basic food items.”

She said, “So many of people my age are struggling big time, and it’s only going to get worse if nothing is done about the crisis.”

“At my age I shouldn’t have to worry about whether I should skip my breakfast or lunch so I can afford a dinner in the evening,” she concluded.

Food inflation inside Tesco – Credit: Jason Quigley

Martin Quinn, 73, is now worried about the wintertime, due to the increased electricity and fuel prices.

Mr Quinn, who expressed with great anger said, “I’ve worked my whole life, paid my taxes and gave my life to this Irish State. I’m not living anymore; I’m just struggling each week with fear. I can’t afford most things I would’ve bought years ago anymore.”

“I feel so sorry for young families who have to grow up in this cost of living nightmare,” Mr Quinn said.. “Pensioners are being left behind and if the government can’t realise that people are struggling to pay for a weekly food shop then they must go”.

Food costs in Dublin has risen even more sharply in recent months.

The rate of grocery inflation is now currently 16.4%, with electricity standing at a 24% increase.

Residents now fear the cost of living crisis will worsen in the coming months unless severe government action is taken to tackle the ongoing crisis.

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