Residents vow not to leave their homes as eviction ban expires

Tenants living at Tathony House, in Kilmainham, Dublin 8, have said that they will not be leaving the 35-apartment complex after receiving a notice to move out by June 2. 

Resident James O’Toole vows to not leave his one-bedroom apartment – Photo Credit: Jason Quigley

In October, all residents received an eviction notice from their landlord to vacate the building by early June.

Residents understand that the holding company that owns the building plans to sell the entire structure, which was built in the 1970s and has about 30 residential units. 

James O’Toole has been a resident of Tathony House for 14 years and lives with his wife in their one-bedroom apartment. They face the possibility of becoming homeless.

However, O’Toole has vowed to stay in his home. 

James O’Toole – Photo: Jason Quigley

The lifting of the eviction ban has now put extra pressure on the residents and if it was extended it “would’ve helped us greatly”, O’Toole said. 

“We are now legally challenging this with the residential tenancy board (RTB) and will continue to protest against this.” 

“I will not leave my apartment and will stay foot here. If the Guards come and drag me out let it be.” 

James O’Toole

Residents have been urging Dublin County Council to step in and buy the block off the landlord.

Front entrance of Tathony House in Dublin 8 – Photo: Jason Quigley

In the 1990s, the building was used as direct provision centre.

In 2001, the owners switched and converted the building into apartments for tenants.  

“There’s nowhere for people here to go if this all falls through. My wife and I would be split up into separate homeless services,” he said.  

O’Toole said that another resident, who is receiving chemotherapy for lung cancer, is now facing the prospect of entering homelessness.

O’Toole said the Government could’ve made an exemption in the lifting of the eviction ban for tenants who are seriously ill or have a disability. 

The eterior end of Tathony House – Photo: Jason Quigley

Separately, a number of other eviction notices have been issued to tenants who are currently renting in Dublin 8.

Emergency accommodation services in the area are at maximum capacity, which O’Toole described as “extremely worrying”. 

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