The Restoration of Kilmainham Mill

Kilmainham Mill sits still-derelict on the Camac River in the centre of Kilmainham and is thought to be the last surviving mill complex in the city. 

Image Source: Dublin City Council – Picture of Kilmainham Mill from the back

Since 2014, multiple ‘Save Kilmainham Mill’ social media pages have set up to bring awareness to the building’s state.

The complex has been made a protected structure, with plans being drafted for the restoration in 2019, and then going underway from summer of last year.

Since last year, work has continued on repairing the roof and floor, securing it as well as replacing broken and missing windows, on top of making secure walkways for easier access.

Asbestos and weeds must also be removed, making the area hazardous for workers.

The restoration has caused an uplift in historic interest towards the mill, with items found being taken and stored as industrial heritage.

“The long term strategy is for the DCC to develop ideas and put in place an implementation strategy for the sustainable development of a new cultural destination at Kilmainham Mill in consultation and agreement with stakeholders,” said Dublin City Council.

“The complex could act as a community hub, simultaneously telling the story of the mill’s industrial heritage whilst providing a significant visitor/tourism experience, interactive industrial opportunities for employment and craft production.”

Image Source: RTÉ Archives- The Mill in 1974

The mill was originally built in the 19th century as a flour mill, with it converting to a cloth mill in the 20th century.

The mill stayed open till 2000 when its doors finally closed after nearly 200 years of industrial production.

It provided jobs to those living in the area for years making it a place of interest for all those whose family have lived there for generations.

The works will be completed in the coming months at a cost of €1.7m according to Dublin City Council, which is overseeing the restoration.

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