Drug use ‘out of control’ in Dublin’s Oliver Bond flats

Residents living in the Oliver Bond complex off Bridgefoot Street in the Liberties have claimed that open drug use is “out of control” and that children are in danger.

Credit: Jason Quigley – View from the 3rd floor

Locals who spoke to The Liberty under the condition of anonymity said that they are frightened to leave their doors at night.

One female resident said, “Every day is the same. Children as young as five are being exposed and witnessing open drug use around the flats. These children’s lives are being threatened and crippled by these thugs who inject themselves in broad daylight.

“There are used condoms and needles lying across the place, in the park and outside family homes,” she said. “We are all concerned, as a mother I don’t feel safe sending my children out to play in fear that they will be exposed to this drug epidemic.”

Credit: Jason Quigley – View of the park

Another female resident said the flats complex was on its last legs. “Some parents are queuing to buy cocaine and heroin while they leave their children all alone at home. A youngster came to my door one day and asked did I want to buy weed,” she said.

“We have called for support and action by the government for years. It’s the same old rhetoric and response. They don’t care, they don’t want to get involved,” she added.

“These drug lords control the flats. We are living in our own crack prison.”

“Drug dealing is happening every day. Some children are being used to sell and transport drugs to people around the flats. We know who these people are.” She said residents are “all sick and tired” of what she called “this virus” of drugs, adding: “When will it end?”

Credit: Jason Quigley – View from ground floor

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