Anger at lack of public bins

Dublin residents are calling for there to be more public bins, while a council spokesman has called for more “city pride”. 

Locals have complained about the level of litter in areas outside the main shopping streets of the city centre – their areas are being neglected by Dublin City Council, they say. 

A bag of rubbish has been dumped. Credit Amy Murphy

Stephan Coyne, business programme manager for The Liberties, says that litter is an “ongoing” problem being tackled by Dublin City Council.  

“People should take their rubbish home and have more city pride.”


“Dublin City Council focuses on social media and advertisements to encourage people not to litter,” said Coyne.  

The council’s litter management plan for 2020-2022 states that street cleaning activities are carried out 365 days a year, on a 24-hour basis in the city centre. 

Street Cleaning services on O’Connell street. Credit: Amy Murphy

Residential bins are serviced by Dublin City Council from Monday to Friday, while higher footfall bins are serviced at least once a day seven days a week.   

In popular areas like Temple Bar and Grafton Street, there is a bin within every few metres, however, in less tourist-filled and residential areas, there are little to none. 

Katie Sweeney, who lives in Dublin 7 said, “I think it would be good to see a few more bins or replace the old ones.”  

Many of the bins that are put in place are damaged and or have graffiti on them.  

There are only two public bins by the Broadstone Luas stop despite having a large number of people waiting at the stop daily. This has caused litter to build up, with many alcohol cans and glasses scattered along the ground each day. 

“There are roughly 3000 bins around the city,” said Coyne.

“It is getting so easy for people to throw away rubbish and expect someone else to clean it up.”

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