Thousands attend anti-racism march in Dublin

Tens of thousands of people in Dublin “celebrated diversity” in the ‘Ireland For All’ anti-racism march on Saturday.

Supporters gathered in Parnell Square and marched to the Customs House in response to the anti-migrant protests held around the country over recent weeks.

A variety of community groups, trade unions, and political parties were involved in organising the protest.

United Against Racism, the National Women’s Council, SIPTU, MASI, TENI, and the Forsa union were just some of the many groups involved.

Image: Sandra Dudkiewicz

Placards, signs, and flags were displayed amongst the crowd with slogans stating “Diversity, not Division,” and “Céad Míle Failte”. Chants such as “when migrant’s rights are under attack, stand up fight back” were heard around the city as the crowd marched towards the Custom House.

“It’s amazing to see such a turnout,” said Mary-Ann Browne, one of the thousands of marchers. “As a mother of three, I wanted to come out here to support all the communities and minorities and set a good example to my kids,” she said.

Image: Sandra Dudkiewicz

Musician Christy Moore and other artists performed on the Ireland For All stage on Customs House Quay.

Moore told the crowd he was there to reject attacks on refugees, as he began to sing the lyrics “Imagine a country where a people are free, not slaves to a gombeen economy.”

With the State providing housing to more than 50,000 Ukrainian refugees, many protesters also raised concerns about the need for affordable public housing, and some also spoke out about the lack of services to cater to an increased population.

Image: Lauryn Kuti

“All around the city we see cranes building more offices, hotels, and flash apartments for rental only as our government welcomes vulture and hedge fund capitalists into Ireland,” said Christy Moore.

According to the Ireland for All organisers, about 50,000 people turned out. On Monday, a Garda spokesperson confirmed no arrests or notable incidents had been made in connection with Saturday’s activities.

Image: Sandra Dudkiewicz

Organiser Steph Hanlon said, “I think definitely this is the beginning of a mass people-powered movement for diversity and against division.”

Image: Lauryn Kuti

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