Playground at Weaver Park to be re-opened

The playground at Weaver Park located on Cork Street, Dublin 8 will be re-opening after the recent fire that broke out in early October of this year.  

Photo/ Sheena Morris

The park was built in September 2017 as part of Dublin City Council’s greening strategy for The Liberties. 

Damaged parts of the playground has been removed, allowing some of the features to be used.  

“it’s a shame for a lot of kids,” said Breena, a community local

The park has been vandalized before. This time however a lot more seriously, but no one was injured. The Gardaí are still investigating potential suspects.  

“Some damage was caused to the playground at Weaver Park recently due to anti-social behaviour, however, it is hoped that the playground will reopen this week,” said Pat O’Brien, the Assistant Staff Officer at Civic Offices. 

“Unfortunately, the District Parks Officer informs me that due to budgetary constraints we will be unable to replace every part of the playground, and some changes will be made,” O’Brien added.   

“I think the council should definitely add some extra security for the park if it’s been vandalised before, it’s a shame for a lot of kids,” said Breena, a local in The Liberties.  

Locals can now also help the community by reporting vandalism to the Civic Dollars app. This app allows users to report issues experienced in Dublin 8 parks and to reduce barriers to people visiting those parks.  

“We have built Civic Dollars as a scalable platform that we can deploy easily in any city or region across the world that wants to improve the health of their citizens and communities as well as reduce social isolation,” said Stephen McPeake, owner and founder of Civic Dollars.  

Photo/ Sheena Morris

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