New bus plan causes frustration in Phibsboro

Opponents of the plan point to destroyed cycle lanes, air pollution and overcrowding as main issues.

According to BusConnects, the new route is estimated to be 6.8kms. Image/ Unslpash

‘BusConnects’ Dublin has announced a new bus route from Ballymun and Finglas to the city centre.

“Phibsboro will remain a traffic sewer”

@RotharPhibsboro Twitter

The route will make its way through Phibsboro and have stops between Prospect Road, Phibsboro Road, Constitution Hill and Church Street.

The scheme explains that the goal is to create a sustainable, safe transport movement along the corridor.

The bus path of the proposed route. Source/

Locals in the Phibsboro area are actively opposing the new plan.

Rothar Phibsboro, a bike shop in Dublin 7, publicly voiced its dissatisfaction with the new scheme on Twitter.  

“With this plan, there will be no cycle lane anywhere in the village or south of Doyle’s corner until Constitution Hill. Businesses can go and die,” the business tweeted.  

“With less space dedicated to the private car, we will have space to plant trees, protecting us against heat and heavy rains, to restore damaged habitats, to reduce noise and air pollution levels. Without this, we are seriously screwed, and Phibsboro will remain a traffic sewer.”

Rising levels of air pollution are a cause for concern to the area.

Rothar Phibsboro stated on its Twitter page that N02 and PM2.5 levels will be higher than before, making the area more “dangerous for residents, as well as passing people with conditions such as asthma”.

Editor of, Cian Ginty, shared his thoughts on the project.

“The BusConnects plan for Phibsborough is not fit for purpose, it tries to fit bus priority and maintain as much car capacity as possible,” said Ginty.

“The result of this is that the space for people walking and cycling is squeezed.”

A cycling sign. Image/RotharPhibsboro Twitter

“Narrowing already known narrow footpaths in an area which is undergoing densification will leave current and future residents with dangerously overcrowded public space to facilitate commuters travelling through the area,” he said.

Ginty also gave his thoughts on how the NTA (National Transport Authority) can improve the situation.

“The NTA has the design and traffic management tools, such as bus gates, to give more priority to buses by impacting on cars rather than people walking and cycling.

“Phibsborough is not just a bus route, but it’s being treated like it is,” said Ginty.

Locals feel there is a lot to take in with the scheme in regards to potential dangers through air pollution, traffic congestion and an overall decline in cycle encouragement.

The proposed scheme will be a part of the National development plan 2021-2030 along with other plans such as the Transport strategy for the Greater Dublin Area 2016-2035 as well as the Climate Action Plan of 2021 and the National Planning Framework of 2040.

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