Making a show of the new voices of Ireland

Ireland Music Week (IMW), the annual showcase of Irish talent providing opportunity for home grown musicians to network with international connects, returned on October 4th to 7th.

The talented line-up of 50 Irish acts and three international Keychange artists took place between various rooms in three locations: the Workmans Club, Grand Social and Lost Lane.

Image Source: @NegroImpacto on Instagram

The lineup was approximately 50% women, which is due to Keychange, a network working towards equality globally within the music industry, who has partnered with Ireland Music Week once again for 2022.

The showcase involved more than performances for its artists.

It included talks, conferences, international music agents, event bookers, label representatives and more, which allows the musicians involved to expand their possibilities and audiences.

The Liberty interviewed Chi-Chi Enyoazu, vocalist of the duo Negro Impacto along with producer StrangeLove, prior to her performance on the 7th of October in Workman’s Cellar. We asked for her perspective on how a showcase such as IMW is important to Ireland’s flourishing music industry.

Image Credit: Issey Goold

“Well, I think Irish music week is important mainly because it acknowledges some of the amazing musical talent within Ireland. It helps exposes us to music experts from all over the world. It’s a very unique experience where you get to meet these people with fellow artists from Ireland, who do different genres. Throughout the week we get to network with the likes of Spotify Playlist Editors, Festival co-ordinators and Record label Reps

“Overall it’s a week full of learning, networking and fun and it gives us an opportunity like no other,” the vocalist said.

Enyoazu shared that the duo will be bringing a fun time to the Ireland Music Week stage, with plenty of original groovy music for the audience to enjoy.

The singer also shared other acts she looked forward to seeing throughout the week, including Bullet Girl, Bricknasty, F3miii, Efé, Salamay and more.

Negro Impacto’s Spotify is linked below:

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