A look inside the Trinity Ball with Plantain Papi 

The first Trinity Ball since 2019 took place on Friday, April 22nd, and was undoubtedly welcomed back by Dublin’s college students.

Perceived as one of the biggest private parties in the whole continent of Europe, the 2022 ‘T-ball’ hosted well renowned acts like the vibrant Tinie Tempah, Plantain Papi, The Trini tones, Biig Piig, Gemma Cox and many more.

Image source: District Magazine. 

The Trinity Ball accommodated its guests with food trucks (such as an Eddie Rockets stand) outside, multiple bars and outdoor toilets available to use. Green rooms for artists with appropriate security measures were all in place to ensure guests had a comfortable and safe night. Multiple access and exit points were also in place to give everyone the smoothest entry and exit as possible.  

A moment that stood out to many guests, was the performance of Afro-fusion, pop, and hip-hop influenced artist Plantain Papi. Plantain was accompanied by musicians/band Neubrí.  He performed hit songs such as ‘Take You’, ‘Crazy’, Bailiff’ ‘Alone with You’ and ‘22’ featuring Plantain Sound’s own, ‘F3miii’.  

Image source: @plantainpxpi 

We spoke to the talented musician on his experience headlining and highlighting his talent at such an electric event. Plantain has just recently had his first headline show in The Academy on the 12th of March in partnership with MCD Productions.  

What was the nights highlight?  

“To be very honest with you the whole night was the highlight, even the things that went wrong!” 

What is your favourite song to perform?  

“My favourite song to perform is probably Bailiff, I’m very comfortable with it and to sing it without any special autotuning or mixing or anything, it just shows how far I’ve come.”  

Seeing all you’ve accomplished now, what would you tell yourself?  

“I’d tell myself to keep doing what you’re doing, keep going harder, because it will all come together if u keep going.”

The musician is the pioneer of independent music label ‘Plantain Sound’, which houses the likes of rock and alternative R&B vocalist and producer F3miii, the soulful Sophie-Jane, and the rapper Babzy.  

After previous achievements and this amazing night, Plantain Papi sure is one to watch.  

Here is a link to his work on Spotify:

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