Cosybatter seeks to manage some of Stoneybatter’s energy

Stoneybatter’s ‘Cosybatter’ is a ‘sustainable energy community’ (SEC) set up in 2020 by residents of the area who are concerned about the environment.  

Image source: Committee member Stephanie Dickenson  

Cosybatter was born from a local ‘Eco Pints’ session in Mulligan’s pub for the environmentally invested.   

Cosybatter is one of about 500 SECs across Ireland, including those in neighbouring spots Phibsboro and Cabra. The majority of buildings in Stoneybatter have a ‘G’ energy rating. This rating is the lowest possible one and means that they are not energy efficient, and lose a lot of heat.   

With a grant from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), Cosybatter says it will “find out about Stoneybatter’s energy use, how we can reduce our energy use, & how we can increase our use of renewable energy – helping us to reduce bills & carbon emissions”.

Cosybatter committee member and resident of Stoneybatter for 20 years, Stephanie Dickenson told The Liberty that the first step for SEC is commissioning a report into its area’s energy use.

Cosybatter have sent a request for quotes to agencies that can provide them with the information they need to follow on with the report.

Image source: Karsten Würth, Unsplash.  

“Stoneybatter’s resulting report should both give them good data about our current energy use, and lots of ideas and information about ways we could reduce our energy use, particularly tailored to Stoneybatter,” said Dickenson.

“So for example, about how you might ‘retrofit’ a typical Stoneybatter cottage so that it loses less energy, and in general becomes more energy-efficient – or how we might charge any electric cars, given very few of us have front gardens in which to do that,”  she said.

Cosybatter hopes to finish its energy report over the coming months, and in the meantime will continue to talk to locals on their concerns and issues. It has established contacts with neighbouring communities and has formed a “Triple SEC” with Cabra and Phibsoro.  

Cosybatter is on Twitter or join their mailing list to find out more.

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