Going the extra mile in the Duathlon

The annual Duathlon Series combining cycling and running took place in Phoenix Park last Saturday.

The event was hosted by the Belpark Triathlon Club and is described on its website as being “the most prestigious Duathlon event in 2022”. It is also Ireland’s largest Duathlon Series with 267 entrants and 41 clubs being represented from across the country.  

Participant crossing the finish line/ Image: Luna Laufer

The event has a long history in Phoenix Park and dates back over 20 years. Traditionally, it consists of three adult and two junior races which take place in April, June, and July.

But this year is different: David Power, Race Director of the Belpark Triathlon Club, explained: “we are focusing on the April race, so no summer series is confirmed yet, but we hope to have new races in 2023.“

Starting off near Papal Cross in Phoenix Park, the duathlon consisted of a 5km flat run, a 20km bike ride and another 2.5 km run before crossing the finish line.

The race in Phoenix Park was also the finale of the 2022 Duathlon National Series, where overall National champions were decided for 2022 in different categories.

What is the Belpark Triathlon Club?

As a volunteer-run sports club with over 300 members, Belpark Triathlon Club “focuses on growing the sport and encouraging participation in healthy lifestyles”, said David Powers.  

The club is based in south Dublin and has been recognised with Club Mark of Excellence certification by Triathlon Ireland. It is one of the oldest triathlon clubs in Ireland and celebrated its thirtieth anniversary back in 2016.

Phoenix Park Duathlon Series hosted by Belpark Triathlon Club/ Image: Luna Laufer

This year’s Duathlon Series in Phoenix Park seemed to be a total success with over 260 entrants and a high number of spectators watching the event. The sunny weather, the music and the food added to the atmosphere in the park.

Tara Doyle, duathlon participant with number 77, also liked the event in Phoenix Park. “It was really tough but a fun experience. It’s my first duathlon, so I’m not an expert, but I would definitely do it again”, she said.

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