Council says flat-living is the future of the inner city

Construction in Dublin 8, Source: Juliet Franklin

Housing density is future of housing in Dublin’s inncer city – to build as many homes while taking up as little space as possible.

But according to the latest Dublin City Council housing supply report, the Council will be unable to meet the target set by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage of 9,087 homes to be delivered between 2022 and 2026.  

“DCC is examining ways of increasing delivery over the lifetime of the plan,” the report says.

The projection for new social housing to be built by the Council this year is just 937 units, falling to 700 units next year – though the numbers are set to rise to a peak of 2,500 in 2025.  

Out of the 1,205 homes currently listed as under construction, 312 of them are situated in Dublin 7 and 8. However, the majority of these are one-bedroom apartments, many in partnership with homeless organisations – 100 units with Dublin Simon on the quays at Ushers Island, for example, and others with Focus Ireland on Connaught Street in Phibsboro and Bow Street West near Kilmainham.

And even these schemes are as much as three years away from completion.

“We need to persuade people that apartment living is a decent way of living and is just as good”

Councillor Máire Devine

Local activists and representatives say the housing needs for the area are family homes rather than one-bed apartments.  

“We need to persuade people that apartment living is a decent way of living and is just as good,” Cllr Máire Devine (Sinn Féin) said. “We need to give them good-sized apartments, green space, good insulation, good transport and we need to give them good amenities on their doorstep.”

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