TU Dublin’s Grangegorman campus has changed the neighbourhood

In September, TU Dublin opened the doors of its newest Grangegorman campus to students, and new grounds were open the public.

The new campus brought two new buildings into use:Tthe Central Quad and the East Quad.

Local people playing with their dogs behind the Central Quad at Grangegorman campus. Photo: Zoran Bradel

It was certainly a huge change for the neighborhood as explained by some local residents.

“It’s more animated in the area since September,” said Lizzie Dunne, who has lived in the area for over 15 years. “When I’m going for a walk, or to the stores, there are young people everywhere that changed from before – it’s livelier and warmer,” she said.  

This new campus is also a benefit for the shops. They can extend their customer base without any advertising. 

Since September, fast food restaurants like Lavanda on North Brunswick Street have had a lot more clients. “More than a couple (clients) each day, thanks to its location,” said the manager, who asked to not be named.

The Pizza Baker pizzeria chain has opened a new location, five minutes from the university and close to student residences, a well-chosen and targeted location by its owners. 

The new campus is also benefiting large retailers such as Lidl, also on North Brunswick Street. According to one of their cashiers, who wished to remain anonymous, “The number of customers has greatly increased at lunchtime, as many students come.” 

“You hear people from all over the world here”


As well as students of course, the campus has had an impact on many people around the area.  “I’m not a student but I come here most of the time, I play football or basketball with friends,” said local teenager Mookie Fayembo. 

Fayembo is not the only person to take advantage of what the new campus can offer with their football, tennis, soccer pitch and multi-sport grounds. A lot of residents of the area use it as a “park” to take the dog out, play sport, or just come with their children. The fact that the campus is also open during the weekend is a big plus for all the people living around it. 

If the opening of TU Dublin’s Grangegroman campus changed the neighborhood and made it “younger” and “livelier” for Lizzie Dunne, no wonder: “There is student accommodation everywhere now, ” she said. “There are students from everywhere – you hear people from all over the world here.” 

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