North-city sanctuary for the mind, body and soul

New arts gathering spot Universal Space offers a hub for people to connect after the pandemic

Dublin city centre can often be a space with a non-stop atmosphere, with people, vehicles, shops, and noise being present at every corner.  

This lack of peace and refuge can now be accommodated in the new Universal Space, a spot where people can enjoy various artistic, physical and spiritual practices. After being home bound in a pandemic, stuck at screens, this is a city-based spot aiming to restore a sense of human connection.  

‘Lost and found’ exhibition in Universal Space, Image: Alicia Smith

Located at 65 Great Strand Street, the Universal Space offers its visitors an adaptable space to exhibit, perform, meditate and more. 

This is done through daily wellness classes, focusing on breath-work, well-being, dance and even martial arts.  

Music events, art exhibitions and poetry readings also take place in this hub for creativity and learning.  

Co-Founder Mark Logan told The Liberty about the process behind creating the space, along with its intention.  

Pictured: Co-founder Mark Logan, Image:

How did the Universal Space come to be?  

“It was born from a need for connection to each-other during the pandemic and also a connection to human spirit, and when I say spirit, I don’t mean anything religious I mean anything that makes us feel alive and joyful, and purposeful in how we exist. Connecting the mind body and spirit is the primary focus of US, Universal Space abbreviates to US because it’s all of us together, all our diversity and splendour.” 

Why is it important to have a space like this in the heart of Dublin City? 

“At the moment our city is being turned into a desert when it comes to having spaces to be, play, learn, grow, connect, celebrate and Universal Space is all of that under one roof. It’s a place to exhibit art, events, music, so it’s crucial to the survival of a city and the health of a city. Not just for the people that come to visit [Dublin] but live here.”  

How do you decide which creative events are suitable for the space?  

“The intention behind any event is the most important thing to me, it’s about what you’re trying to do. If the intention is powerful and comes from a good place, then we will usually try and work with that person. Usually, it would have to serve one of the principles around the body, mind or spirit. It needs to be of service and in the right spirit and exist with our ethos which is community, development, trust and growth.”


How has the creative scene developed in recent times?  

“It has become a lot more diverse, which is such a strength in that we are now taking more inspiration from a lot further afield due to immigration and we have a lot more to pull from when it comes to other cultures. In many respects the creative scene has been crushed due to a lack of care and development for night-life and a lack of respect for that. It’s gotten hard to do anything in recent years because there are less creatives spaces in the city due to greedy Dublin City Council development and lack of heart, soul, foresight and planning.” 

Have you seen any results with the Universal Space’s efforts to create a community environment?  

“Absolutely! Certain people who felt like an outcast or a misfit or like they have nowhere to go, at US they can make friends, go to an event, be creative, they feel like US is for them. We’ve had thousands of people come to our events and there are also classes taking place daily, people training, and a lot of positive things happening at once. When people come to us and say that they feel like they’ve found their tribe, it makes it all worthwhile.” 

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