Stoneybatter restaurant is a tasting treat

Events where diners can taste their way through the menu are in high demand – with tickets selling out in minutes

Events are back with a bang in D7 as food website All the Food sets up a tasting event in Hakkahan, Stoneybatter.

Residents eat outside the pastel-pink restaurant Hakkahan in Stoneybatter. Image: Sadie Murray

The first round of tickets for Sunday March 6th sold out in two minutes, following this level of demand they added a second day of tastings, which sold out in six minutes.

Lisa Cope, editor of All the Food, said “People are crazy for the events. The idea is that when we find a restaurant that we love, we want to take people to it and give them a taste of the restaurant. We ask the restaurant to put on a tasting menu because we want people to taste as much of the food as possible.”

“We’re a big fan of Hakkahan – they are smashing it out of the park at the moment,” she added.

Hakkahan, located on Stoneybatter’s main street serves authentic Chinese food with a wide variety of house dumplings, ‘small chow’ and mains. The tasting menu features samples from many of their previous events.

The bright and colourful interior of Hakkahan. Image Sadie Murray

All The Food is a site that covers news, reviews and events from Dublin’s thriving restaurant scene. Their aim is to independently showcase the quality and variety of food available in Dublin, and ultimately help consumers decide where the best spots to spend their time and money are. As they grew, they began organising events in their favourite places around the city.

Their website features a ‘where to eat’ section, which compiles all the carefully selected restaurants that have received rave reviews from critics.

“We had to curb restaurant events for ages because of rising Covid numbers and the 8pm curfew so it’s very exciting to have them back,” Cope said.

“We want to make sure that people have a great time at these events, so we only bring them to places that we really love, we’re always trying to over-deliver,” Cope added.

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