New TU Dublin academic centre to be built in Grangegorman

A new academic hub and library will see ground broken on the Grangegorman campus over the coming weeks.

Being labelled as the academic heart of Grangegorman, the hub will be a base for students to study and relax while on campus.  

The new project is set to feature an academic writing centre, careers development centre, disability support centre and a maths learning centre.

You will shortly see temporary fencing put up which will signal works are underway


All library collections and services will be accessible through the new building.  

Image via Twitter: @GrangegormanDev

The Grangegorman Development Agency (GDA) announced the appointment of OHL-Townlink Joint Venture Ltd as a building contractor for the project on February 1st.

Award-winning architects O’Donnell & Tuomy have been given the keys to constructing the brand new facility upon campus. 

“The process started many years ago in the form of an overall master plan for the whole Grangegorman site,” Darragh Collins, the project architect for the hub, said. “Over a period of time, we developed the initial brief provided by the GDA and TU Dublin into an architectural design.”

The award-winning architects will be redesigning the North House building that dates back to the 19th century. The idea is to incorporate the historic building within the new library facility. 

The main contractor is due to start on site next week.

“You will shortly see temporary fencing put up which will signal works are underway,” said Collins.  

The building’s design plans will see a five-floor project including a roof garden as well as a new café on campus, all processing around 19,000m2 of learning space.  

The planning idea is to have a cluster of buildings rather than just one larger building. It will provide multiple access with this way through different areas of the campus. 

The Grangegorman academic hub and library is a missing piece of college life that has been found.

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