A night to remember with KhakiKid

KhakiKid’s headline show puts on full display the talent of the rising rapper

Irish rapper Khakikid held a headline show in the Grand Social for a night that will live long in the memory of Irish locals. 

Khakikid performs to an ecstatic crowd. Image: Bianca Moore

The show proved to be not just an enjoyable night, but also a return to normalcy after a turbulent pandemic.

Khakikid was joined onstage by supporting acts such as F3miii, BRICKNASTY and DeCarteret.

The first supporting artist, F3miii opened the show at 8:25 pm. Warming up a crowd can be unenviable task for some artists, but F3miii began his set with an enthusiasm and charisma that instantly got the crowd moving. His powerful vocals and strong flow were a particular highlight, backed up beautifully by BRICKNASTY’s heavy bass. With the help of BRICKNASTY he performed his song Hiding. Further performances of Nice to know and cover of Daniel Caesar’s Get you concluded the first act, setting the wildly energetic pace the rest of the show would follow.

Khakikid performs alongside F3miii. Image: Bianca Moore

The next supporting act was BRICKNASTY, a band from the Ballymun area who only started their music career in January 2020.

BRICKNASTY mostly played unreleased instrumentals and their song Boyfriend, a soft jazz tune fused with strong bassline. The mix rock and jazz blended together to create an entirely unique sound that made them stand out in a show filled to the brim with talented artists. Special attention should also be given to BRICKNASTY’s drums that were able to pull off the aforementioned rock-jazz mix with excellent coordination. While the mix wasn’t entirely clean, with some patches of rough instrumentals, it still proved to be a strong display of the band’s talents.

Then, the main star of the show, Khakikid came on afterwards for a wild performance. The rapper was sporting green pants with a matching blazer and white tee, in a style that can only be compared to Harry Styles with a sporty casual spin. He performed most of his singles such as Cosy, Shlumped up and Last Week. The crowd was most responsive to one of his latest releases Cosy, with attendees clambering on each other’s shoulders, creating miniature mosh pits in the middle of a relatively small floorspace. The song’s silky smooth production translated surprisingly well into a performance setting but with an energy that added significantly more punch to the track.

In the end, an exhausted but buzzed crowd could only lament that the stellar show had finally come to an end. Khakikid has already amassed a sizeable fanbase in a short amount of time, and with his performance at The Grand Social its easy to see why. His onstage charm and effortlessly cool vocals make him a artist to keep an eye on in the coming months.

The music video for Cosy by Khakikid.

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