Kale+Coco – a hint of the Tropics

The owner of Grangegorman veggie cafe Kale + Coco talks to The Liberty about how she started the business, what she sees as upcoming food trends – and the Christmas menu!  

There has been a change in what people eat over the years. The average person has become more aware and now is very careful with what (s)he consumes.  

A large majority of Irish people say they are now eating healthier. So, with the clean eating trend gaining popularity, cafes catering to such needs are springing up like mushrooms.  

One such place is Kale + Coco, on Grangegorman Lower. 

This hidden gem opened up in February 2019 and became popular because it offered trendy options that one previously only saw on Instagram. 

Kale + Coco. Photo Credit: Rebecca Feely  


Rebecca Feely, the owner of Kale + Coco, introduces herself: “I was born in Brussels and lived there for eight years. We moved back home to Tramore, County Waterford, when I was eight. I have lived in Dublin, Boston, New York and London. My travels have left an impression on me. 

Rebecca Feely, Owner of Kale + Coco. Photo Credit: Rebecca Feely 

“Before opening this place, my friend and I went backpacking around the world for sixteen months. Our mission was to go to the best veggie places,” says Feely. 

“I got to see some cool places. When we came back to Ireland, we saw that the health and wellness scene had started to take off in Dublin too just like in London and New York. 

“Plant-based dishes are on the rise in popularity. It is not a fad but a trend -an upward trend.”


 “We noticed that no one was offering smoothie bowls in Dublin. So, we thought of bringing smoothie bowls to Dublin, and that’s how it all started,” Feely laughs.  

“I started my pop-up business with my friend whom I went travelling with. But then she moved out of the business, and I ended up with this on my own,” Feely says. 

Kale + Coco. Photo Credit: Nimra Ahmed  

“Kale + Coco brings together two of our favourite things – coming home and travelling abroad.”


“Then Covid-19 hit! Everything became destabilised in the hospitality sector, as with all sections of society. We were lucky and reopened as a ‘take-away’. We had a much smaller sized staff, and we managed to serve coffee and treats outside. 

“The ‘click and collect’ menu was also brought in. I am hoping we can go back to opening seven days a week,” recalls Feely. 

“Soon we became a ‘destination’. Our presentation of the food, the healthy and unique options of gluten-free and vegan were slowly but surely getting noticed,” says Feely. 

So what about the name?

“Kale is definitely having a moment and is recognized as one of the great superfoods.” It is also one of Ireland’s more widely available and commonly grown crops, making it easy to source.

“Coco comes from coconuts and represents our love for the many places we travelled to with slightly more tropical climates. ‘Kale + Coco’ brings together two of our favourite things – coming home and travelling abroad. It is our way of bringing a little taste of the tropics to Ireland,” says Feely.     

The classic Açaí bowl has been the most popular thing since day one. I saw Açaí for the first time in Brazil. This small, berry-like fruit, packed with antioxidants, was found in every corner. The Brazilians pick the fruit, and within 24 hours, it must be processed into a frozen pulp or powder,” Feely says. 

“We use the frozen pulp of Açaí with either fruit juice or almond milk and add bananas, granola, berries or other fruits and nuts as toppings,” adds Feely. 

“Most of our customers are not necessarily vegan. They want to eat a healthy meal twice or thrice a week, so they eat at places that serve vegan food,” Feely observes. 

“Plant-based dishes are on the rise in popularity. It is not a fad but a trend – an upward trend,” predicts Feely. 

“Our Christmas menu will have vegan mince pies, banana bread, and various vegan hampers,” says Feely. 

“We plan on adding newer items to our menu. There is also a new food trend of adaptogenic mushrooms.” 

Adaptogens are plants and fungi that help keep our bodies preforming at their best. They have been used in home remedies and traditional medicine for thousands of years. Adaptogens are gaining momentum in the West now as a solution to many of the problems of our hectic modern lives: low mood, stress, anxiety, depression, and a compromised immune system. 

“I would like to add Ashwagandha into our drinks menu,” Feely says.  

“I would like to work on a weekend brunch menu that would be different from the menu during the week. I would like to expand Kale + Coco around Dublin. I hope to attach the business to a yoga studio or a gym.”   

There is a stretch of new vegetarian eateries running from Grangegorman down to the river along Queen Street.

“The area is like a vegan hub. All the owners of the vegan places help each other out,” says Feely.   

The menu is available for your perusal on their website

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