Green light for the greening initiative?

In 2019, the Dublin City Council (DCC) announced a Greening Strategy for The Liberties and the Stoneybatter area. Plans included planting trees on inner-city residential streets in an attempt to introduce more ‘green spaces’ in the area.

However, some residents have expressed their concerns about lack of consultation and say they don’t see any special benefits.

Trees planted by DCC in car-parking spaces. Photo credit: Lucy Harris

“They feel there isn’t enough space, and there is a lack of consideration for their convenience.”  


“Initially, the majority of the councillors in the area supported these plans, under the strict direction of full community consultation,” Cllr Janice Boylan (Sinn Féin) told The Liberty.  

“Covid hit, and the consultation never took place!” said Boylan.  

Despite promises of community awareness and engagement, the plans were put into action and the planting of these trees started.  

Boylan explained that she conducted a survey of the residents of Finn Street a few months ago to gauge the locals’ feelings about the greening initiative.  

“The results did not favour having trees on the road at all,” confirmed Boylan. “I’ve also had other streets contact me to say they don’t want them either.” 

According to DCC’s Stoneybatter Greening Strategy Document (SGSD), a number of streets were mapped out to be a part of this initiative. However, the locals complained that certain streets that were not originally listed in the plan now have trees planted in them. 

One such example is Sigurd Road – it wasn’t included in the initial plan but somehow has newly planted trees.

Trees planted on Sigurd Road. Photo credit: Lucy Harris 

Many locals are not against the greening strategy as such.

“They feel there isn’t enough space, and there is a lack of consideration for their convenience,” explained Boylan.  

According to the SDSG, new green routes can be found either by “replacing on-street car parking or an existing footpath (wherever sufficient width is available) with new trees.” 

The absence of these rare parking spaces could leave residents without a place to park their cars.  

Furthermore, several locals feel that this patch of greenery will just encourage littering and attract more rubbish.   

Residents have posted on Facebook that they are not pleased with these plans.  

“It will just be a giant rubbish bin,” one Facebook comment said. Another chimed in: “it will be used as a bin for paper cups and a toilet.”  

Litter on Oxmantown Road. Photo credit: Lucy Harris 

Despite objections from residents, plans seem to be under way for the planting of more trees over the coming months.  

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